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Together with Davey Resource Group, Davey Mitigation has over 58 years of combined experience managing successful wetland and stream restoration projects across the country. Based on this experience, we have grown to provide a number of services and products to create large-scale ecological improvements across multiple states and Corps Districts. Our greatest pride, however, remains our long track record and deep experience in mitigation policy and our stream and wetland mitigation projects. Our first projects, including creating Virginia's first wetland mitigation bank, are thriving as diverse wetland habitats containing mature canopied forested wetland areas and mature, stable stream systems. We continually commit to providing the highest quality solutions using the latest techniques and technology, such as living shorelines, that will help meet any mitigation needs.

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Compensatory Mitigation & Ecological Restoration Solutions From Credits To Custom Design/Build Projects

Davey Mitigation partners with clients to find solutions to their specific mitigation challenges – from landowners interested in stream or wetland easements on their property to land developers with projects that impact protected water resources during construction. Our team of experts can help clients find mitigation banking credits, establish mitigation banks, complete permittee-responsible mitigation projects, develop water quality offsets, and more through our comprehensive custom mitigation solutions.

We know how to create lasting partnerships and projects that stand the test of time. In fact, we’ve been involved in the science and practice of ecological restoration since its inception. Our family of brands features local experts with various specialties, including professional wetland scientists, ecologists, engineers, and GIS professionals.


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