Pat Link 2

Pat Link

Land Operations Manager

Pat graduated from University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in 2004 with a BS in Natural Resources and Environmental Science. Pat has 10 years of experience in environmental consulting with a specialization in land acquisition for compensatory mitigation for both the private and public sectors. He is the Land Operations Manager for Davey Mitigation. In this role, Pat is responsible for coordinating with internal and external teams to develop and implement mitigation site searches, developing the networks of external partners (such as NGOs, brokers, and other facilitative partnerships) related to land ownership, and the management and conservation of mitigation lands.

Pat also is responsible for the negotiation and acquisition of easements and/or fee simple purchases of mitigation properties. As part of this role, Pat maintains regular dialogue with all landowner partners and ensures the satisfaction of the landowner throughout the mitigation development process. In addition to being the liaison for landowner relations, Pat coordinates with internal and external legal counsel as necessary to develop land agreements through and including the steward closing process. Pat manages all aspects of due diligence preceding land closings, including title search, phase I environmental assessments, survey, and technical feasibility. To date, Pat has provided land solutions for $30,000,000.00+ in revenue generating projects.

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