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Since 1998, our approach to compensatory mitigation is to locate the very best restoration and protection opportunities and develop an enduring relationship of mutual trust and respect with our property owners, customers and regulators by doing what we said we would do — when we say we will do it.

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1,975,538 Trees Planted

Davey Mitigation has planted over 1.9 million trees since 2002.

50 Miles Of Fish Passage

Our nationally-recognized dam removals have restored free flowing water to major rivers and allowed migratory fish to spawn in hundreds of upstream miles for the first time in centuries.

540,236 Linear Feet Of Streams

Our collective projects include the restoration, preservation or enhancement of over 540,236 linear feet of streams using natural channel design and other techniques that provide for bank stabilization along with uplift to aquatic habitats and riparian buffers.

3,572 Acres Of Wetlands Restored

Davey Mitigation has restored or enhanced wetland habitat on more than 3,572 acres through various measures aimed at improving hydrology and wetland vegetation.

6,990 Acres Under Conservation Easement

Davey Mitigation places easements on our projects to conserve and permanently protect restored lands. To date, Davey Mitigation has ensured the long-term protection of over 6,990 acres by way of conservation easements and other protective instruments.

2,833,109 Pounds Of Runoff Reduced

Davey Mitigation has implemented a number of projects that are specifically aimed at reducing nutrient pollution caused by stormwater runoff. Together these projects have prevented 2,833,109 lbs of nutrients (including nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment) from reaching sensitive waters.

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