Banner Image: Northern Virginia Stream Restoration Bank, Fairfax County, Virginia, est. 2009 (WSSI)

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Our Approach

Davey Mitigation partners with clients to find solutions to their specific mitigation challenges and restoration goals. From sourcing mitigation bank credits and establishing mitigation banks to completing permittee-responsible mitigation projects, developing water quality offsets, and implementing custom restoration solutions, our team of experts can help meet a wide variety of client needs.

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Our Vision

Our people define us. We are a collection of like-minded individuals marked by high integrity, a strong work ethic and a deep connection to the lands we seek to restore. We don’t just aim to do. We aim to do it right. The result is uncompromising work quality that benefits the clients we work for and the ecosystems we work in.

Our Values

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We take personal pride in the success of our projects, the satisfaction of our clients and the quality of the relationships we create along the way.

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In our industry talent is born from experience. Davey Mitigation seeks the top talent in the industry-ecologists, land professionals, project managers, credit sales experts and analysts that have acquired knowledge and skill from years of applied experience.

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We are all here for the same reason – we care about the lands we restore and want to be a positive force for ecological restoration and conservation. This same passion drives us naturally towards the results our clients, landowner partners, and approval agencies want to see.

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