Jesuit Bend Mitigation Bank

The restoration work at the Jesuit Bend Mitigation Bank features the transition of 247.4 acres from open water to fresh-to-intermediate marsh. The underlying land was a former marsh and cypress-tupelo swamp that slowly converted to open water over the last century due to the effects of levees and other man-made disturbances. The restoration work, which involved the dredging, pumping and placement of 1.32 million cubic yards of material and planting of over 200,000 plugs of marsh grass within the project footprint, took place in the fall and winter of 2015-16.

Located in the Plaquemines Parish, the now fully approved Jesuit Bend Mitigation Bank provides mitigation credits for marsh impacts across the entire Deltaic Plain of Coastal Louisiana. The restoration work was completed in partnership with Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Bank with long-term protection of the site being ensured by the Mississippi River Trust.

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