The Pressmen Stream and Wetland Mitigation Bank is approximately 80.42 acres located on a portion of the relic golf course of the Pressmen’s Home property in the Town of Rogersville, Tennessee. The streams located within the Bank Site have been heavily altered and channelized due to a previously established golf course. Due to the previous land practices, on-site streams have experienced severe water quality and habitat degradation, loss of riparian buffers, and channelization. Consequently, current stream reaches are potentially contributing to water quality issues such as nutrient overloading, turbidity, total suspended solids (TSS), and elevated temperature. The Bank will consist of the restoration and re-establishment of approximately 16,374 linear feet of the main channel of Little Poor Valley Creek and unnamed tributaries to Little Poor Valley Creek. The project also includes 19.5 acres of wetland restoration, 4.3 acres of wetland enhancement, and 5.7 acres of wetland creation. Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2024.

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