Stinking Quarter

The Stinking Quarter Mitigation Site is a full-delivery mitigation site contracted with the North Carolina Division of Mitigation Services. The Site, located approximately 1 mile northeast of Julian, NC, encompasses 107.6 acres of agricultural row crops, pasture, hay fields, and forest along warm waters of North Prong Stinking Quarter Creek and its unnamed tributaries. The Site includes 22,452 linear feet of degraded stream channel, 27.83 acres of degraded wetland, and 27.77 acres of drained/impacted hydric soil. Site restoration activities include the construction of a meandering stream channel, resulting in 13,511 linear feet of Priority I stream restoration, 8,542 linear feet of stream enhancement, 2,235 linear feet of stream preservation, 25.421 acres of riparian wetland re-establishment, 8.455 acres of riparian wetland rehabilitation, 16.039 acres of riparian wetland enhancement, 2.299 acres of riparian wetland preservation, and 0.422 acres of wetland creation. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024.

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