Grainger Coughtrey Headshot

Grainger Coughtrey

Installation Manager

Grainger graduated from Appalachian State with a B.S. in Recreation Management, which helped cement his love for the outdoors and conservation. He began his career in the environmental field in 2016, focusing on wetland restoration and shoreline stabilization. As the need for coastal erosion solutions grew, he began constructing living shorelines on the North Carolina coast full-time. Since 2017, he has used recycled oyster shells to build living shorelines that help dampen wave energy, protect native marsh grasses, and provide a healthy habitat for countless marine life. As the Installation Manager at Native Shorelines, Grainger meets with landowners, prepares sites for construction, manages crews during construction, and makes sure landowners are satisfied with the work they have been provided. When not working, Grainger enjoys his free time reading, drawing, hiking, attending concerts, and spending time with family and friends.

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