David Godley Headshot

David Godley

Operations Manager

David graduated from North Carolina State University in 2005 with a BS in Agricultural Business Management. David has 15 years of experience in the mitigation industry with a specialization in stream mitigation for public and private sectors. He is the Operations Manager for Davey Mitigation. In that role, David works with our project managers to aid in the development, implementation, oversight and maintenance of turnkey stream, wetland, nutrient offset and buffer mitigation projects for Davey Mitigation. Mr. Godley has worked on over 170 mitigation projects in various stages of their life cycle in his career in (NC, SC, VA, MD, GA, LA, TX, OH, TN, KY, CA, IN, MN) totaling over 172 miles of stream mitigation, 9,600 acres of wetland mitigation, 128 acres of buffer mitigation and 1,610 acres of nutrient offsets. During this time, approximately 4.5 million bare-root trees were planted along with over 300,000 live stakes and over 22,000 containerized trees of various sizes.

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