Abaldwin Davey Resume Headshot

Alex Baldwin

Senior Soil Scientist

Alex graduated from NC State University with a B.S. in Natural Resources – Soil and Water Systems in 2002 and a M.S. in Soil Science in 2008 researching hydric soil development in restored wetlands. Alex has over 18 years of experience in environmental consulting as a licensed soil scientist and professional wetland scientist. During his career Alex has become well versed in assessing, permitting, environmental compliance, and post construction monitoring of both development and restoration projects. Alex has worked on mitigation projects in two countries, 13 states, and 15 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Districts which has provided him an extensive understanding of how mitigation is developed and implemented in an array of landscapes and regulatory climates. Alex is a member of the North Carolina Association of Environmental Professionals, Society of Wetland Scientists, and Soil Science Society of North Carolina.

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